Simple Budgeting Template | Digital Budgeting

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Simple Budgeting Template | Digital Budgeting
Simple Budgeting Template | Digital Budgeting
Simple Budgeting Template | Digital Budgeting
Simple Budgeting Template | Digital Budgeting

Need a simple, digital solution for budgeting? Then my monthly budget template is for YOU! (even if you are TERRIFIED of using digital budgets!)

This template is unique because it can accommodate multiple styles of budgeting. Whether you budget once a month or every single week, this template will be a breeze.


  • Have multiple income streams?  Then you'll love the availability to input up to 8 checks per month, as well as a line labeled "extra income" for all those random little side hustles you may have!
  • Complicated templates getting you down? My template has only 3 main spending categories to help you budget your money the easy way!

"Must Haves": for your rent/mortgage, utilities, food, etc. Ya know.. the things you literally can't live without! 

"Some Times": for those expenses that aren't necessarily recurring such as: sinking funds, gifts, or car maintenance/registration.

"Fun Money": for all those expenses you LOVE to have! For example: eating out, spending money, or subscription services.  

  • Suck at tracking your spending? My template has an easy to use spending tracker to quickly input all your spending so you'll never be over budget again! You can even input spending on your mobile device use the google sheets app for FREE! 
  • Pay different bills with different checks throughout the month? Then the drop down options in every budget line will help to organize which check you will use to cover your bills! 
  • ✔️CHECK, ✔️CHECK, ✔️CHECK!!  Every line item in my budget template has a lovely little check box, so you can literally check a bill off your budget once it has been cleared from your bank account! I love this feature when reconciling my budget/bank account! I easily know which bills to look for when signing into my banking app.
  • Tired of forgetting about a check you wrote last month? Then you will love the "Pending Check" box! It will help you keep track of all those pesky checks in one convenient place! Check them off once they have been cashed and know your budget is on point!
  • Want to see how much you threw at debt/savings this month? My template has a section which automatically shows you how much money you had leftover out of each the checks you input!
  • As for all of you sinking fund lovers.. Y'all will appreciate the "Sinking Funds Tracker" which will help you EASILY manage all of your sinking funds for the entire year! 

(This is a digital product for download only! This template is for personal use ONLY and may not be shared or transferred to anyone. There will also be no refunds given for digital products!)

Want to see exactly how to use this template? Check out this tutorial video!

I created this template after becoming frustrated with every app and template I tried! It seemed like they all accommodated someone else's budgeting style. When setting this template up, I tried to keep in mind all the various circumstances out there, while keeping it simple, and easy to use for even the most beginner budgeter!